UpRival is an advertising management platform for marketing professionals and agencies, helping you manage overall campaign processes and get a real-time feedback in one single place. It is a system where publishers, placements, and ads are connected in an intelligent flow; and where impressions, clicks, and conversions are easily quantified and qualified.

UpRival's main platform is built to support three main types of users with different permissions: administrators, publishers, and agents. The administrator is the main party who manages the system overall by creating users and content, and assigning permissions. Publishers and agents are then directly involved with the campaign management.

UpRival also features an "Ad Network Module" for network with Advertisers and publisher. The administrator is able to set up access levels for all types of users and will also be able to aprrove or deny ads as an administrator for the different Advertisiers that upload their ads into the system. This feature can be added to any account for $249/month.

Our on-boarding process is fairly easy to understand. Read our other help file articles to see how simple it is to set up and use UpRival.

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