UpRival’s billing process is meant to be simply structured, but sometimes it can be a challenge to understand portions of your invoice. 

Invoices: When you first signed up with UpRival, you pre-paid for your first month’s subscription. You most likely received an accompanying invoice via email. This invoice, and all invoices, can be accessed at any time from within your UpRival account by clicking on your username in the top right corner of the platform and navigating to “Invoices”. There you can view previous billing, as well as payments received and processed by our finance department. 

Subscription Plans: For each subscription plan, you are purchasing access to the UpRival platform, and up to the amount of usage included in your plan. If you purchased a subscription plan of 5,000,000 impressions, then you will have up to 5,000,000 impressions to use during the month. If you exceed this impression limit, your UpRival account will automatically stop serving ads and your account will be paused, so ensure you upgrade to the next subscription level before you reach 100% usage. For your convenience, you will receive notifications and emails when you reach 50% usage, 75% usage, 90% usage, and 100% usage.

CDN Usage: Anytime you host an image or a video within UpRival, you use a small amount of CDN bandwidth. There is an allocated amount of bandwidth usage included with your UpRival subscription, but overages may be subject to additional charges. We will never penalize clients for exceeding the CDN usage limit – we simply bill each GB of use at a rate of $0.12. For more information about the amount of bandwidth included with your subscription, visit our pricing page here.

What’s included: All UpRival subscription plans are month-to-month, and include 24/7 support, free unlimited training, and a dedicated account manager. We do not limit access to any ad formats or features (excluding whitelabeling). 

Whitelabeling: If you would like to enable whitelabel access for your UpRival account, you may do so by reaching out to your account manager. All new UpRival clients may enjoy a free 30-day trial of whitelabeling. After your trial, whitelabeling is billed at a flat rate of $99 per month.

Custom Domains: If you wish to use your own branded domains to serve UpRival ad tags, please reach out to your account manager. Utilizing custom domains may be subject to an additional fee of $30 per domain.

UpRival has a tiered-subscription based pricing plan, and is billed on a CPM model starting at $0.08. Subscription plans start at $399.00 a month for 5,000,000 impressions. Please reach out to [email protected] with any billing questions you may have.

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