There is an option called “VAST Tag” in the “Tracking Type” drop down menu when creating a placement. 

Use this tracking type to create a VAST tag to host and serve video ads. A VAST Tag placement can only contain video ads. There are two options when creating a video ad within the VAST tag placement: VAST video tag or Custom XML tag. Use the VAST video tag when hosting and serving your own video files. Use the Custom XML tag when serving a third party VAST tag.

When creating a VAST Tag you have 3 different options: Linear (an in video ad), Non-Linear (an ad on top of a video), and 3rd Party Vast URL (a VAST Tag  hosted from outside of UpRival). 

Linear Video Ad - First give your video ad a name and then upload your video. (Your videos file size must be smaller that 50 mb.) After uploading your video you will have the option to turn on the "Transcode Media File" button. Next, you will have options to change your video delivery type, Mime type, BitRate and more. Then enter your destination URL and choose your video duration time. 

For more advanced features, click on the "Show Advanced Features" text. This will allow you to make the video "skippable" after a set amount of time or percentage of the video. You can also add companion ads with an image and unique destination URL. (See image below)

If your Mime Type is going to be javascript, you will see an "Ad Parameters" field and an "Ad Parameter XML Encoding option. You will need to fill those out in order for the javascript to work.

Non-Linear Banner Ad - Start with Naming your ad, then upload your image, iFrame or Html Banner. Make sure you choose the right Resource Type for each of those options. Then enter your ads sizes and destination URL. Click to turn on Video Scalable and Maintain Aspect Ration, if needed. Next, if you need companion ads, click on the the "Show Advanced Features" text.

3rd Party VAST URL - If you need to use our 3rd party VAST URL, just select that media type, give your ad a name, enter the VAST URL, and destination URL.

On the “Placement Details” screen of a VAST Tag Placement, there is a reporting button called “Video.” It opens the ‘Video Statistics’ breakdown screen where you can view the stats of all the VAST events that were sent back to UpRival.

Choose from up to 25 different reporting options, such as views, clicks, CTR, start rate, errors, skips, skip rate, 25% complete, 50% complete, etc. (See image below)

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