You can insert the following macros into a native ad template. These Macros are also listed next to the native ad template format for your reference:

{TITLE} Ad Title

{DESCRIPTION} Ad Description


{TARGET} Browser Windows Target

{JSCLICK} Window Open Code(Click Alternative)

{IMGURL} - Image/Video URL

{BRAND} - Brand Image URL

{CTA} - Call to Action Text

{ADVNAME} - Advertiser Name

{ADVLOGO} - Advertiser Logo URL

{TEXT1} - Additional Text (TEXT1-TEXT5)

{FILE1} - Additional File (FILE1-FILE5)

{TIMESTAMP} - Epoch(UNIX) timestamp

{MILLI-TIMESTAMP} - Epoch(UNIX) timestamp in milliseconds

A list of macros can also be found when creating your ad template (see image below).

Native ad style macros are case sensitive.

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