Within the media library, you can create text ads. When doing so, the ad details will need to contain the following information:

  • ID Number – which cannot be changed
  • Name – which can be changed on the left side of the screen, by clicking the red “Rename” button
  • Image URL – enter the image URL or upload an image by clicking on the upload icon. Click “Check” if your banner is not being displayed
  • Title – enter a title for the ad. This is the title the user will see
  • Description – enter a description for the ad. This is the description the user will see
  • Auxiliary macro – macros are used in text ad styles to insert the ad’s information (text, image, link, etc.)
  • Destination URL – enter the destination click or URL link for the ad
  • Category (optional) – by using the category field for each ad, you can choose the ads that should never be shown at the same time

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