Rotating notification ads do exactly what the name suggests. The ads appear in a designated corner of the users screen, and rotate through various notifications or ads that you have set within your UpRival account. They are pop ups that will appear on the user screen on top of the web page you place the creative tag on, as an overlay. Within UpRival, you are able to set how long you want the notification to stay on the page, the time between ads popping up, how many times to show the notifications, how the pop up appears (fade or slide), and the position on the screen that the pop ups will appear.

To set this up, simply create your placement and ad as normal, and then select the "Rotating Notification Ad" embed method from the drop down menu labeled “Embed Method Types”. This menu is located in the “Get HTML Tag” screen. 

Remember to make any adjustments to the settings before copying your ad tag to place it on your page(s).

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