UpRival allows the administrator to create and customize limited access user accounts. For each user account you are able to define and assign account permissions on the following: which publishers and statistics a user can see and what properties a user can edit.

A table of all users is shown on this page. The users listed on this page are presented with the following information (tabular view): ID, Name and Company name.

A user is created by clicking on the Create option. Two steps are available:

  1. Enter required information about the user and choose access type (administrator, limited); 

• Specify username, company name, e-mail address and password for the use
• Choose "Administrator Access" in case you wish this user to have access to everything on the system. Otherwise, check and combine the other access options
     2. Give user access to publishers. 

The Ad Network Module is an add-on service that costs $249 a month. If you are interested in adding this feature to your uprival account, please contact your account manager or email us and [email protected].

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