UpRival has been growing at an outstanding rate and our past method of customer service has become cluttered and messy. We have decided to solidify a process that will allow for more structure and more efficiency no matter how large we grow. This article will introduce you to our customer support ticketing process. 

***The given example focuses on submitting from a mobile device.***

Step One:  Go to help.uprival.com and click on the red intercom(chat) icon at the bottom right of the screen. 

Step Two:
Scroll down to the "Support Ticket" system, then click on Submit a Ticket.

Step Three:
Choose the kind of ticket you are submitting (support, billing, feedback, and feature requests). Continue by filling in the remaining sections as shown below.





Step Four: The final and potentially most important step is to make sure you click Submit at the bottom of the ticket. (Many People Forget)

Now that you have submitted your ticket expect a response time of 4-8 hours. We pride ourselves on solving your questions and concerns quickly and we appreciate you following these steps so we are able to keep everything clean and quick. 


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